UX + UI / Branding & Identity

Runtriz is a boutique software company headquartered in Los Angeles. They’ve developed a cloud-based platform for the hospitality space–used by hotels around the world.

Having been contracted in 2013, as a design lead, there were many opportunities to revamp the platform and make refinements across several version releases through 2016. The challenge began with the re-design of the hotel web portal; the operations half of the software which includes a suite of apps for hotels to provide information and render services to guests.

Hotel Portal / Dashboard

Hotel management at-a-glance stats view

Hotel Portal / CMS

Where hotel admins can build the guest app and more

Guest Request Portal

An app for hotel staff to provide guest services

Custom Hotel Portal Icons

Hotel Guest App

After the revamp of the hotel portal my focus switched to the redesign of the hotel mobile guest app. Working with the product owners and the dev team, I established a set of custom templates designed to present content to guests in a consistent pattern.

Custom Hotel Guest App Icons

Room Service Ordering

To improve the previous room service ordering experience I researched existing patterns and created a user flow that works well with the revamped hotel portal. A payments user flow was also designed.


Brand Mark

Previously, the company used a logo with dot com tacked on. I was given the opportunity to update the identity and set out by deleting the dot com and then worked on a brand mark that would pair well with the existing logotype. Taking inspiration from their history, I was able to infuse the founding story into a new brand mark.

Startup T-shirt

For this white on black design, I incorporated a variant of the brand mark on a poker chip–paying homage to the casino clients. The back reads, “all-in hospitality solutions”.

Learn more at runtriz.com