Mobile App Design

Radisson Blu luxury hotels are located in the most desirable destinations: culturally vibrant cities, nearby travel gateways and in the most sought after leisure hot spots around the globe.

During my time with Runtriz, a boutique software company that specializes in hospitality apps, I was given the opportunity to define the user experience and provide visual design for the premier Radisson Blu hotel brand app.



Working with in-house engineering and development I assisted in the display nearby hotels automatically given the user’s location. My role also included designing the hotel guest app experience. From each hotel property’s front page guest are invited to engage hotel staff through a chat interface. This app is further monetized through bookings and ticket sales. I was responsible for directing the presentation of TripAdvisor content within the branded app.


From pilot program to brand-wide rollout, I lead in the product design of the Radisson Blu brand app that is now deployed to over 300 hotels around the world.