Brand Identity

Drop Water is a clean tech company based in Silicon Valley. They’ve invented a new sustainable way to sell bottled drinks. Designed from the ground up to be good for you and good for the planet.

During the startup’s stealth mode, the founders contacted me to create the premier Drop Water visual brand identity; the company logo and the surface design of their patented 100% compostable bottle.

It’s In The Name

Every business is founded on a vision. In this case, the water drop symbol represents the vision to make a change in the plastic bottled beverage industry. No trucks are used to transport pre-filled bottles. Instead a Drop Station is connected to existing water outlet at the point of sale enabling Drop Water beverages to be made on-the-spot. This is major differentiator for the brand. Each Drop Water is made individually in a compostable Drop Bottle. I used this to inform the brand mark design –which in turn inspired the name of the brand to become Drop Water.

An Eco-minded Brand Strategy

To start, I advised the use of both coated or uncoated cover stock paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council to ensure responsible sourcing. Also, I specified soy ink for printing to help further offset the brand’s carbon footprint. Although the brand is primarily a white label solution, the principals called on me to develop a standard line of Drop Bottle brand surface designs. To bring more awareness to the growing plastic pollution problem in the oceans, my strategy was to display images of a healthy marine ecosystem. The underlying concept is to envision a better world and to make that a compelling reason to choose Drop Water over plastic bottled beverages. These branding graphics were then carried through to more brand touch points and established a visual language to be used moving forward.


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