Logo Identity & Branding

Drop Water is a clean tech company based in Silicon Valley. They’ve inventedĀ a new sustainable way to sell bottled drinks. Designed from the ground up to be good for you and good for the planet.

During the startup’s stealth mode, the founders contacted me to create their visual brand identity; the company logo and package design for their 100% biodegradable bottle.

Inspired Brand Identity

While assisting in the decision to settle on the brand name, Drop Water, I developed a logo identity with a drop of water made as the counter space of the letter d as a focal point.

Drop Water Brand Strategy

Drop Bottles start out as a blank canvas and can be branded on a coated or uncoated cover stock. Drop Water asked me to create a standard line of package designs. I was inspired to promote a healthy marine ecosystem amidst the growing plastic pollution problem which has started to gain the attention of the media. This branding has since been adapted for other touch points of the Drop Water brand identity.

The Drop App

During the early stages I provided the user interface design for the Drop mobile app which enables the customization of drinks made-to-order on the spot fromĀ the Drop Station vending machine.


To learn more visit dropwater.co